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Published: 16 August 2019

PAT Motor-Sich is looking to complete the development and start production of its new, fully-composite helicopter in 2020, as well as to set up a production process for engines to power armed UAV drones.

This has become known from a news report published by Defense Express, quoting Motor-Sich President Vyacheslav Bohuslaev as saying at his meeting with the Company’s young professional team.

Motor-Sich already has operational production lines for almost all parts for helicopters (presumably Mi-2/8 families – DE note); many of the parts surpass in quality and performance their Soviet/Russian equivalents, said Bohuslaev.

“We have created a new cabin, along with a new, fifth-generation engine that sets new records. We have created a new gear assembly which I’ve already demonstrated (to a visiting U.S. team – DE note), the one that would have a twice longer lifespan, compared to Russian-produced gear assemblies”, he said.

“Our Company can now produce everything regarding helicopters, excepting rotor blades. Everything -- I really mean it!”, Bohulayev said and added that Motor-Sich is planning to launch a U.S. technology-based production line to produce composite rotor blades by 2021.

“I’m certain that we would be able to maintain our supremacy in this field for 20 years or so. Over that time we will have to learn how to make good helicopters and we will do it. Next year we are launching [production of] a fully composite helicopter”.

Bohuslaev further said that his company is looking to expand its business focus to include engines for powering armed UAVs.

Motor-Sich currently focuses its business on development and production of helicopters and manned aircraft engines

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